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The Mental Status of Nursing Students in COVID-19 Pandemic: A Cross-sectional Study
  • Filiz Değirmenci
  • Ahu Aksoy Can
  • Asiye Çelebi
  • Duygu Vefikuluçay Yılmaz
Mediterr Nurs Midwifery 2023; 3: 25-33 DOI: 10.4274/MNM.2023.22123
Assessment of Preoperative Anxiety Among Surgical Patients
  • Sinmiloluwa Eyitayo Maiye
  • Ümran Dal Yılmaz
Mediterr Nurs Midwifery 2022; 2: 53-61 DOI: 10.5152/MNM.2022.225072
The Effect of Distance Learning in the Pandemic on the Depression, Anxiety, Stress, and Occupational Commitment of Senior Nursing Students: A Crosssectional Study
  • Esin Çetinkaya Uslusoy
  • Eylem Paslı Gürdoğan
  • Berna Aksoy
  • Ezgi Kınıcı Dirik
Mediterr Nurs Midwifery 2024; 4: 65-72 DOI: 10.4274/MNM.2023.23179
The Effect of Skin-To-Skin Contact during Heel Lance on the Physiological Parameters, Pain and Stress Level of the Term Newborn and Maternal Anxiety Level
  • Özge Kinaci
  • Sevda Arslan
Mediterr Nurs Midwifery 2021; 1: 78-84 DOI: 10.5152/MNM.2021.21035
Determining the Relationship Between the Frequency of Urinary Incontinence, Depression, Anxiety and Stress in Menopausal Women
  • Arzu Abiç
  • Sinem Dağ Canatan
  • Ahu Aksoy Can
Mediterr Nurs Midwifery 2023; 3: 149-156 DOI: 10.4274/MNM.2023.23156

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