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Frailty and Related Factors in Hospitalized Older People in Northern Cyprus


Department of Nursing, Cyprus International University, Faculty of Health Science, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus


Bülent Ecevit Rehabilitation Center, Nicosia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Mediterranean Nursing and Midwifery 2022; 2: 46-52
DOI: 10.5152/MNM.2022.222067
Read: 189 Downloads: 135 Published: 08 August 2022

Objective: This study aimed to evaluate frailty in hospitalized older people and to identify the related factors.
Method: The descriptive study was conducted on 60 older people (66–88 years) who received inpatient treatment in geriatric clinics of two hospitals
between September and December 2020. Ethics committee approval, institutional consent, and informed patient consent were obtained for the study.
Along with the Edmonton Frailty Scale, a data form was used to collect data about the patient’s socio-demographic, disease characteristics, and frailty risk
factors. The data were collected through face-to-face interviews.
Results: Frailty of various levels mildly 51.6% and moderately 36.6% of the older people hospitalized in geriatric units in Northern Cyprus was detected
(Edmonton Frailty Scale score of 9.23 ± 1.49). The older people in the advanced age (85 years and above) group had an even higher frailty level with the
score of 10.0 (p = .009). Those who self-rated as “bad” had either a low education level, were living without a partner, had two chronic diseases, had to use
four to seven drugs daily, had a health problem within the last 15 days, had to visit the hospital in the last year, or had to be hospitalized, and had higher
min-max Edmonton Frailty Scale scores (p > .05).
Conclusion: The frailty levels in older people hospitalized in geriatric units were found to be higher. The older people were classified as frail because of the
number of frailty risk factors such as weight loss, weakness, lack of appetite, or had more than three falls.

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