Original Article

Resources to Promote Mental Health and Well-Being During COVID-19 Among Registered Nurses Concurrently Enrolled in Post-Secondary Education Programs: A Qualitative Analysis


  • Suzanne Fredericks
  • Joyal Miranda
  • Souraya Sidani
  • Elaine Santa Mina

Received Date: 11.03.2022 Accepted Date: 07.06.2022 Mediterr Nurs Midwifery 2022;2(3):134-139


Registered nurses have reported experiencing acute mental health symptoms associated with increasing levels of distress during coronavirus disease. In response, strategies have been designed to address these challenges. However, very little to no attention has been given to a particular cohort of registered nurses who are concurrently enrolled in university programs to advance their theoretical and clinical knowledge. The purpose of this study was to identify this cohort’s perceived clinical and academic resources and supports deemed to be useful in maintaining and promoting mental health and well-being.


Qualitative data were collected using open-ended questions.


Findings suggest many nurses received increased mental health supports from their employers but limited resources from post-secondary institutions.


Specific strategies for the creation and implementation of mental health resources within the academic setting are suggested.

Keywords: COVID-19, distress, mental health, post-secondary education, registered nurses